Steps About How To Use Fax On Iphone

Hello People as we all are surrounded by technology, but sometimes we can’t use technology all the time. if we want to use fax cover sheet then all the time we people do not use laptop or computer, here I provide you information about how you can use fax cover sheet on your i phone, there are some steps which you need to follow.

Here, are The Steps You Need to Follow to Get a Fax on Your iPhone:

  • Tab and open ifax app.
  • Now, Click on new fax option
  • There you see an option about sender or receiver both and you need to fill both the option.
  • If there is subject line plus messageĀ option then you need to write a subject line as well.
  • Here you can also add an image or company logo as well. from here you can send attachment also.
  • Then after that, you need to click next option, and from there you get a payment option.
  • Then click send option.



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